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KV Group Global is a business management company pioneering success stories in IT services and consulting. KV Group Global has collaborations that are spanning more than 10 years with many large businesses across the Globe on their transformation journey. KV Group offers an integrated advisory, business experts, technical and engineering services and solutions. This is achieved through an exclusive agile distribution model, which is the benchmark for software development excellence.

" Our goal is to help clients achieve their business objectives by offering best-in-class consultancy, IT solutions and innovative services. "

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Customer Service Managers

Our customer service managers are responsible for maintaining the best quality of customer service and for compliance with all business policy.


Finance & Accounting

We offer a wide range of client-focused financial and accounting solutions to deliver improved business performance, drive innovation and eliminate inconsistencies.


IT and Software Support

Our IT & Customer support team specializes in handling customer queries and providing assistance with onboarding and troubleshooting.


Technical Support

By providing round-the-clock live tech support, we pride ourselves on having a comprehensive channel for an effective solution to customer inquiries.


Digital Marketing & SEO

To maximize reach to your target audience and increase your exposure on search networks, our Digital Marketing & SEO team will devise and oversee all Digital and SEO strategies and practices like content management, link building and keyword strategy.


Phone Support Specialists

Our phone support specialists are experts in their products, and their primary duty is to solve customer problems quickly and efficiently

Our core competencies that enable us to deliver a WOW to our esteemed customers come from the strength we derive from our value system, flexibility and an ability to improve our knowledge, skills and infrastructure with the changing needs of the market. We have a clear cut road map that defines the success path for our clients with total transparency. We ensure to have our senses on high alert and keep our clients above the competition even if it means tweaking our strategy to adjust the changing needs of the industry.

Its pleasure to watch the progress and growth of KV Group Global over the past 10 years. Standing at a point where KV Group Global is recognized as a global brand having top brands as our clients, top notch infrastructure, the best management team and a clear path ahead.

Deepak ,Mandy
CEO, KV Group

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Since its inception in 2009, KVSS has been a strategic, successful, and reputable pioneer in technology services, consultancy and IT infrastructure solutions. Our team of experts has worked diligently to ensure that IT solutions are aligned to meet the business needs of organizations with agility and precision. We are global, and our client base spans across industries on a global map.

KVMS is a world-renowned outsourcing service provider with an extensive client base of more than 500 clients since 2009, spanning the globe through various sectors and countries. We are proficient in services such as BPO, KPO, Customer service, Customer feedback calling, Bookkeeping, Back-office support, Data entry services and Call center services. We have the prowess to deal with industries such as telecommunications, healthcare, e-commerce, travel and hospitality, logistics and transportation, banking and finance, utilities and publishing.

KVCC is a group of internationally respected immigration service providers. Whether it is immigration and visa services, relocation services, immigration policy advice, corporate visas, student visa, family visa, work or permanent residence – KVCC is a comprehensive solution for all your requirements. We provide complete, reliable and ethical immigration services along with global reach, local expertise and personalized services at affordable rates.

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5th Sept, 2020

Latest KV Group Jobs for Freshers & Experienced Graduates|2020

KV Group 2020: Apply Online for KV Groups Jobs. Our recruiting team focuses on the recruiting of talented business experts. If you are specialized in exploring IT expertise and looking for tough ways to upgrade the inside fuel, do not go any further.

1st Sept, 2020

KV Group Talent Acquisition Program| 2020

KV Group will be Recruiting Engineering Students around the world for their Talent Acquisition Program 2020 recruitment to obtain the best students who suit company requirements.

20th Aug, 2020

Human Resources Planning at KV Group

As the spread and magnitude of COVID-19 continue to expand, Human Resources allows leaders and organizations to maintain consistent policies and well-being for individuals.

12th Aug, 2020

COVID-19 Update- Empowering employees to work from home

The Covid-19 pandemic has a worldwide influence on individuals and companies. Keeping employees, customers and partners secure and taking all necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition across this difficult stage is the top priority for companies.

8th July, 2020

Delighted experience of clients with KV Group

KV Group offers a way to develop excellent customer service systems that incorporate the newest technologies and business resources and offer a superior customer experience.

4th July, 2020 

Leading the Road to Regeneration and Resilience

KV Group is adapting to the digital demands of the new situation in the world. As the COVID-19 surge reaches the globe, market durability has arisen as a competitive path.

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